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1) Question: How long do I have to wait until I can do a yoni steam after my period?

Answer:  We suggest that you wait until the 7th day after your cycle​.

2) Question: How long do my hair have to be before I get a Brazilian wax?

Answer:  The size of a rice grain

3)  Question:  Can I still get individual lashes if  I have none?

Answer: No. You must have real lashes in order to have the false lash applied on your real lash

4) Question:  Do my eyelashes have to be healthy in order to get  lash installation?

Answer: Yes! Your Real lashes must be healthy in order to get the longest wear.

5) Question: Does Yoni Steam burn?

Answer:  No. However, it should be warm.

6) Can I get a Foot Detox if I am a diabetic?

Answer: Yes, However, we would detox your feet a specific way in order to maintain your safety.